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Dan Barton would like to thank the following family, friends and colleagues for their help and assistance with the Wicker Sculptures he has built over the past few years.

2010 Sculpture

Supplying/Donation of materials/services
ai graphics
ATS - Wantage
Cobra Concrete Pumps
Dan Barton Historic Building Restoration
Empathy Environmental Consultants
Herring Homes
Jason's Hydraulics
Mayfield Press
Musgrove Willows
O'Leary's Transport
Oxon Fastenings
Pump Parts
Rumplestiltskin Thatching
Unique Photography
Wes Home & Garden Improvements
Webb Works Willows

Advertising & Fundraising
Historic Building Restoration, Empathy Environmental Consultants, Oxford Mail, Oxford Times, BBC Radio Oxford, Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council. Oxford Round Table. Standlake School.Aston Rowant Nature Reserve.
Janette Barton, Alan Hambidge, Sally Hambidge, Helen Harding, Liz May, , Paul & Cheryl Wentworth, Sean Higgins & Laura, Sara Webb, Mary Turner, Ali Pool, Brian Bonnett, Dan Barton Snr, Leslie Cowan, Lyndsey & Josh Webb, Reuben Morris-Dyer, John Curry.Matt Williams and David Bragg.
2009 Ice Princess
Janette, Josh & Luke Barton, John Curry, Helen Harding, Sean Higgins, Mary Turner, Paul Wentworth, Lyndsey & Josh Webb.
Supplying/Donation of materials and storage
Timbmet, Paul Wentworth, Merkko Enterprises LTD, Ben and Tamsin Lay, Herring Homes Ltd.
Cobra Concrete
Advertising & Fundraising
Janette Barton, Helen Harding, Oxford Round Table ,BBC Radio Oxford, Heart FM. Oxford Times, Oxford Mail , Herald Series.

2007/8 Wicker Warrior

Help with Construction
Janette, Josh & Luke Barton, Mark Clayton, Sean Higgins, Paul Jacobs, Dave Kidd, Joe Pilbrow, Gordon Thompson, Gordon Woodrow, Ross Woodford,
Supplying/Donation of materials
Ben and Tamsin Lay, David Christensen, Elaine Cox, Oxford Wood Re-cycling company.
Pete Skinner, Andrew Herring.
Advertising & Fundraising
Janette Barton, Esther Browning, Helen Harding, Oxford Round Table ,Lawrence Gibbens, Simon Jeffs, KBS News, Millets Farm Centre, BBC Radio Oxford, Fox FM. Thames Valley News, BBC South Today. Oxford Times, Oxford Mail , Herald Series.