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June 2011
“Medusa” the winning 2011 Wicker Man Sculpture is finished!

‘Medusa’ (Thomas Lydford- Brace aged 8yrs winning designer from this year’s Wicker Man Oxford competition) has already left people speechless since its debut appearance at The Malvern Show on 12th May 2011.

Uniquely designed so the 2011 sculpture can easily travel/tour around Oxfordshire, prior to its burning on 5th November 2011. Our aim is to uplift and inspire people to help raise funds for our chosen annual charity, by creating a tradition that Oxfordshire will embrace and be proud to take part in.

We are very excited to announce that the head of Thomas’s ‘Medusa’ will be craned onto the Oxford Castle Mound on Monday 6th June then craned onto the roof of the Malmaison hotel for all of Oxford to see during June.

As last year there is a distinctive twist when Thomas’s wicker/wooden design burns away at the Oxford Round Table Charity Bonfire Display at Oxford’s South Parks an internal metal design will unfold through the flames and reveal itself. So there is a second winner to the competition. This is the big secret, which makes our sculpture ‘one of its kind’. We are currently seeking advice from Guinness Book of World records to place the sculpture in a record-breaking category.

Wicker Man Oxford is a local community group run and founded by Dan Barton and a small team of dedicated volunteers.

Currently over 600 people have had an input in the creation of this years sculpture. By the time the tour is finished we anticipate over 2500 people having an input in its completion.


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This will be the fourth year a Sculpture will be donated to the Oxford Round Table Charity Firework display for burning. The 2010 event attracted crowds of 20,000+ to watch the burning ‘Zedloick’ who stood 38 feet tall. The event raised approx £30,000 profit which goes into the Oxford Round Table's charity kitty, then distributed to local charities over the course of the year.

Wicker Man Oxford runs a design competition through 350 Oxfordshire Schools giving schoolchildren the chance to design the annual Wicker Man. There are 2 chances to be a winner, the outer wooden/wicker design, and an inner metal design which will be revealed when the outer design burns away.

Oxfordshire’s Historic Building Restorer Dan Barton is founder of Wicker Man Oxford and is keen to receive as much publicity and exposure of his truly incredible creation prior to its burning on 5th November 2011.

For Dan and his small team of volunteers to complete this sculpture on time which has taken a solid 2 months has come with many hardships to him and his family. Dan has personally funded this project himself with the hope of attracting a main sponsor or patron to come on board. To date 100’s of letters have been sent to grant funding bodies, local businesses and all the Oxford Colleges requesting financial assistance for the project. We are confident that we will secure funding for the project due to its uniqueness and individuality. We have received a huge amount of material donations from various local companies which has enabled the project to move forward.

Wicker Man Oxford aim to encourage schools/organisations/businesses to grow living willow sculptures/structures/fences etc and promote lantern processions all around Oxfordshire to encourage community engagement.

A large percentage of funds raised through Wicker Man Oxford will be re-invested in our Oxfordshire community by supporting one Oxfordshire charity each year. This year raising funds/awareness for Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre who provide

For more information please contact:
Dan Barton 0791 91 82 007
Janette Barton 07980 373579
Alan Hambidge 07917 729391

Photographs can e-mailed.