trojan burn

Reuben's Winning Design 2010

Photographs taken by Liz May

We were delighted to receive over 1000 entries into our 2010 competition and would like to thank all those children who took part. The quality and imagination of the designs were fantastic. There is of course an additionAL winner for the internal metal sculpture which will be revealed on the night of the burn 6th November 2010. We are currently in the process of photographing all the entries to our competition and using them for a fundraiser for our chosen 2010 charity ROSY more news to follow on this.

Wicker Man Oxford are very pleased to unveil the external winning design from this year's competition - Reuben aged 10 years names his winning design "ZEDLOK". Actor Robert Hardy of Harry Potter fame awarded Reuben with his £100 prize and a T-shirt with his design printed on. Mrs Adamson Reuben's Art Teacher was presented with the school's £200 prize for entering her pupils designs. Reuben's winning design called Zedlok was created during her Art and Design lesson.
We had over 1000 entries and would like to thank all of you who entered. Watch out to see if you are the internal design winner, to be revealed on 6th November 2010 at the Oxford Round Table Charity Firework Display.